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Flat id: 1077 - $60 per night

1-room, Standard, in down town

Dean Graziosi real estate

1-room, Luxury, in down town

Flat id: 1075 - $65 per night

1-room, Luxury, in down town

Scott Yancey real estate

1-room, Super lux, in down town

Flat id: 2672 - $90 per night

2-room, Super lux, in down town

Andrew Cordle Real Estate

2-room, Super lux, in down town

Flat id: 2234 - $110 per night

2-room, Super lux, in heart of city


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Welcome to Kiev !!!

Most of our apartments and homes for sale are located in the centre of Kiev. Historical landmarks, museums and art galleries, restaurants and clubs, exciting shopping spots are only minutes away. The old homes we have are perfect for rehabbing.

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Our apartments allow you to explore the Kiev lifestyle with all of its attractions at your door step. We have all types of apartments in our cataloge. Classic or modern designs. Apartments with fully equipped kitchens, marble bathrooms and jacuzzi.

They include all the usual appliances you would find at home, such as TVs, VCRs, CD players, air conditioning, phone with free local calls. Apartments have dial-up or broadband internet connection, cable or satellite TV. With our hi-speed internet connect you can listen to real estate guru Dean Graziosi's podcasts. Everyone has said these podcasts are worth listening to. To find preferred apartment use our search form.

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Klima uređaji stvaraju ugodnu klimu u našim apartmanima

Svi apartmani u našem hotelu imaju savremene klima uređaje. Svi klima uređaji su ispravni i redovno servisirani. Temperatura u našim apartmanima je uvijek ugodna i rashlađena, prostor je u potpunosti klimatizovan. klimauredjaji Mi znamo da je udobnost za sve naše klijente na prvom mjestu, a klimatizovan prostor sigurno utiče na raspoloženje naših gostiju i zbog toga nam je to veoma važno.

Samo jedan primjer klima uređaja u našem apartmanu


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